Welcome to Little Ashford

Innovatively equipping your child for the future

Our childhood curriculum is innovative, imaginative, intelligent and incorporates every child's individuality, yet remains relevant by integrating the best of various methods known to date. Curriculums that are not dynamic are outdated. Ours is enriched with numerous activities ranging from Montessori-based activities fundamental to analytical and cognitive thinking skills development; sensorial and movement based activities, critical to motor development as well as fantasy play; and arts and crafts, critical for the social and emotional development of a child. Life skills and technology also provides an orientation towards future readiness. At the helm of every activity is equipping the child to be self-confident, excited about learning and ready for the future.

Little Ashford continues to create social environments where children can make meaningful and positive relationships with peers and adults, supportive of general development and learning by:

  • Providing opportunities where children can explore how and why things happen (cause and effect) such as filling, emptying, floating, sinking and balancing. 

  • Supporting early reading through language rich environments so that children begin to understand that words carry meaning. 

  • Promoting healthy choices by encouraging greater independence during meal times and self-care routines. 

  • Supporting literacy skills using the Letterland 'Letter and Sounds' program, which supports children in developing reading and writing skills from an early age through to primary school. 

  • Embedding mathematics into everyday routines, such as when laying the table, sorting games, using sand times, clocks and stop watches, cooking activities and building structures. 

  • Future ready by providing opportunities and resources for investigation, exploration and experimentation allowing a limited time on tablets, iPads and code-a-pillar.

Progressive education is emphasis on learning by doing – With us, children learn through participating in hands on projects, expeditionary learning, and experiential learning. Our curriculum encapsulates so many exciting areas of learning in a fun and constructive way. Ranging from sensory stimulation activities, to the creative arts and music appreciation, and the more rational Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), without foregoing physical activities and free play, where gross motor development and encouraging independent play remains valuable. Our aim is to ensure children reach their full potential, through effective learning that will assist them in achieving multi-faceted success in school and in life. Innovatively equipping children for the future!